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Sky turned 3 months this past week, and things are getting easier everyday but the first months…oh boy! Every little help was a huge help.

I remembered one morning, when Sky was just a few weeks old, I woke up and no one was at home. Tim left early with a full day ahead of him and my mom was also busy with chores of her own to take of. For the first time it was just me and Sky in the house. Sky’s diaper was dirty, and she was also hungry. I really needed to pee and I was also thirsty and hungry. So I thought “one thing at time, Mariane”. Continue Reading

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Sky is getting me in shape

How am I going to go get back in shape, or at least get back to my pre pregnancy body after my baby is born? This question frequently popped into my mind during my pregnancy. However, now that I…

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My L.E.A.N pregnancy

You might be looking at my huge baby bump and thinking “Lean?!”. Well, L.E.A.N in this post stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (according to Dr Sears Wellness Institute). As I write this post, I am just a…

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Supplements while I am pregnant

I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I never really spent time thinking or researching what a pregnant women needs or goes through during these very special 9 months. In the beginning of this year, I…

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Ways to eat avocado

{article published on Hawaii Sport Magazine – Jan/Feb issue} Abacate…that is what we call avocado in Portuguese. Growing up, I didn’t like “abacate”, and the main reason was because every weekend when I went to sleep over at my cousins’ house,…

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Sun, Skin & Baby

You know that Ben Harper song… “She is only happy in the sun!” That’s me! I love love love the sun, clear sky, sunrise and sunset. Sunny days are one of my biggest motivations to go swim, bike, run…

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My one 2016 wish

It has been one year since I launched this free lifestyle blog with the tag line “swim, bike, run & a little more”. Well, it ended up that the “little more” part grew more, much more. I actually swam,…