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Ways to eat avocado


{article published on Hawaii Sport Magazine – Jan/Feb issue}

Abacate…that is what we call avocado in Portuguese. Growing up, I didn’t like “abacate”, and the main reason was because every weekend when I went to sleep over at my cousins’ house, her father forced us to drink an avocado smoothie for breakfast. It was a nightmare! We couldn’t leave the table to go play until we finished that gigantic cup with that green creamy liquid. I had to hold my breath and drink it as fast as I could because I really wanted to go play! So growing up, I avoided eating or drinking anything with avocados at all costs.  Continue Reading

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Sun, Skin & Baby

You know that Ben Harper song… “She is only happy in the sun!” That’s me! I love love love the sun, clear sky, sunrise and sunset. Sunny days are one of my biggest motivations to go swim, bike, run…

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My one 2016 wish

It has been one year since I launched this free lifestyle blog with the tag line “swim, bike, run & a little more”. Well, it ended up that the “little more” part grew more, much more. I actually swam,…

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The Top 12 Pregnancy Superfoods

People often tell me: “Now you are eating for two!” That’s true, but I have been learning in the past  6 months that “eating for two” does not mean that I should eat two times more, even though sometimes I…


My new fav exercise

This month for Hawaii Sport Magazine I wrote an article about my three favorite exercises to do while I am pregnant. The three were (no surprise) swim, bike and run, but of course with a totally different mind set…

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Our most beloved adventure

As Tim shared in my previous post we are about to start a new chapter in our lives. This new chapter is…A BABY! We are 5 months pregnant. Yes we! Because sometimes I feel that Tim is more pregnant that I…