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Supplements while I am pregnant

I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I never really spent time thinking or researching what a pregnant women needs or goes through during these very special 9 months. In the beginning of this year, I became a Health Coach, and one of the topics in the course was about the special health needs during pregnancy. Most of the information that I learned was very new to me, and it was such a wonderful coincidence that I…

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The Pills I Take

I grew up in a house where healthy food, massage, and prayer were used as the essential “medicines” when we got sick. When we were not feeling well, my mom would rush to the kitchen to prepare teas and soups using vegetables, fruits, honey, propolis, ginger, garlic, aloe, rice, and any other natural ingredient that she truly believed would help us. And if those items weren’t sufficient, I remember my parents gently massaging us while praying for us to get better.…

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