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New Mommy Basic Core Exercises

Even after I got cleared by my doctor to exercise again after having a baby, I felt that my core and pelvic areas were too loose, my groin area and lower back too tight, and actually the small tissues, joints, muscles around my whole core area needed some type of strength and stretch work before I started to run again. However, I had no idea which type of postnatal exercises I could safely do. So I looked for professional help…

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Sky is getting me in shape

How am I going to go get back in shape, or at least get back to my pre pregnancy body after my baby is born? This question frequently popped into my mind during my pregnancy. However, now that I am able to hold my almost 2 month old baby the answer to this question does not seems as important as it was before. Physically I am still recovering from a challenging labor (but it was worth every second) and the…

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My L.E.A.N pregnancy

You might be looking at my huge baby bump and thinking “Lean?!”. Well, L.E.A.N in this post stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (according to Dr Sears Wellness Institute). As I write this post, I am just a few days away from my due date (March 15), and I can say that I truly LOVED being pregnant and all the stages and changes that came along with it, even the extra 30 pounds. …

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Supplements while I am pregnant

I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I never really spent time thinking or researching what a pregnant women needs or goes through during these very special 9 months. In the beginning of this year, I became a Health Coach, and one of the topics in the course was about the special health needs during pregnancy. Most of the information that I learned was very new to me, and it was such a wonderful coincidence that I…

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Sun, Skin & Baby

You know that Ben Harper song… “She is only happy in the sun!” That’s me! I love love love the sun, clear sky, sunrise and sunset. Sunny days are one of my biggest motivations to go swim, bike, run or do anything outside. Well, my love for sunny days has been more moderate, since the skin of pregnant women is ultra-sensitive to the UV rays of the sun because of the overactive pigment-producing cells.…

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