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New Mommy Basic Core Exercises

Even after I got cleared by my doctor to exercise again after having a baby, I felt that my core and pelvic areas were too loose, my groin area and lower back too tight, and actually the small tissues, joints, muscles around my whole core area needed some type of strength and stretch work before I started to run again. However, I had no idea which type of postnatal exercises I could safely do. So I looked for professional help…

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Running again after having a baby

It took almost a year before I felt the desire to train and race again. But now the craving for exercise is back! I wake up with an appetite for a morning run, and even signed up for the 2017 Honolulu Marathon in December. Ouch! …

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my 3 fav

ways to exercise after having a baby

The benefits of swimming are countless: it is a complete aerobic workout, tones muscle, and is friendly on the joints. The first day I jumped in the pool after four months with zero exercise, I swam 250m in slow motion, and I felt incredibly good!…

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