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The story behind this photo

Back in 2008, Tim and I raced the Ironman World Championship for the first time. It was a big deal for us not just because it was the World Championship, but because was going to be my very first ironman race distance and my first marathon ever! And for Tim, it was going to be the first time a professional triathlete born and raised in Hawaii was going to line up with the best triathletes in the world at the…

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The way we look at each other…

This past month my mother helped take care of a lady that lives a few blocks from our house. She is 86 years old, she can’t move, eat, or do anything on her own anymore. She lives in a cute little house with her 88 year old husband, and she is in her final days. I learned that Hawaii has a program in which they provide free nursing services to people that are dying. The nurses and caretakers come to…

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chat with

Tim Marr

My first “chat with…” had to be with Tim Marr, the person that I have been chatting with the most over the past 8 years. Tim is my husband, my best friend, my favorite triathlete, and the funniest and happiest person I have ever met. According to my mom, Tim and I never stop talking. She says “you and Tim are always chatting, laughing, discussing, agreeing and disagreeing, or sharing something.” I think my mom is right, that’s one of…

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