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Ways to eat avocado

{article published on Hawaii Sport Magazine – Jan/Feb issue} Abacate…that is what we call avocado in Portuguese. Growing up, I didn’t like “abacate”, and the main reason was because every weekend when I went to sleep over at my cousins’ house, her father forced us to drink an avocado smoothie for breakfast. It was a nightmare! We couldn’t leave the table to go play until we finished that gigantic cup with that green creamy liquid. I had to hold my breath and…

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The Wonderful 5S Diet

I don’t like the idea of “diet”, because it sounds to me very restrictive and limited. However, a few years ago during a lovely dinner organized by Nutrex Hawaii, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Sears, one of America’s most renowned pediatricians who is well known for his passion of spreading health and wellness throughout America’s family. During the dinner he told me that “diet” is a term that simply means a way of eating, so we are all…

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