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    Morning Run at the Hilton Hawaiian

    This summer three times per week Tim and I sneak out of bed at 5am to coach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Thank goodness for grandma that stays at home watching…

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    Ocean Runner: Sharon Keith

    Perfecting the mechanics of the run sounds easier to do that it is. Ocean Running was a blessing. I could initially work on form without worrying if I was doing it…

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    Jimmy Davis

    Many of my work-related design challenges are solved mid-run with an inspirational thought. But what I really love is to run hard and fast, when my only thoughts are on the…

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    Running again after having a baby

    It took almost a year before I felt the desire to train and race again. But now the craving for exercise is back! I wake up with an appetite for a…

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    Benefits of Babywearing

    I thought, “Oh my! Carry my baby on me all the time? This sounds like a bit much.” But my perception of the term and its importance changed when I gave…

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    Go the Extra Mile: 27point2

    I’ve always had a hard time trying to balance my interests in running and the environment. All the way through college I kept looking for ways to bring the two closer…