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    Running again after having a baby

    It took almost a year before I felt the desire to train and race again. But now the craving for exercise is back! I wake up with an appetite for a…

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    Benefits of Babywearing

    I thought, “Oh my! Carry my baby on me all the time? This sounds like a bit much.” But my perception of the term and its importance changed when I gave…

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    Go the Extra Mile: 27point2

    I’ve always had a hard time trying to balance my interests in running and the environment. All the way through college I kept looking for ways to bring the two closer…

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    Kapolei Run Club

    If you reside on the beautiful West Side of Oahu and want to go for a pleasant walk, an easy jog, or a fun run with some friendly people, come join…

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    Pete Boksanski

    I can run my entire life, and also unlike many other sports I can compete in the same events as the world's best. My favorite part about coaching other people is…

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    Come run with us

    Developing the Lanikai Juice Run Club has fulfilled our dream of connecting with the community through our shared passion to live a mindful, fun and active lifestyle. It is easy for…