• fitness

    New mommy basic-ish core exercises

    Honestly I was skeptical if those simple exercises were really going to make a difference on helping me to gain my strength back, since I was so used to high level…

  • my 3 fav nutrition

    Quick pre-workout breakfast 

    simple, quick and nutritious breakfasts have been lifesavers for me this summer, especially since I have been coaching super early, leaving the house at 5am! Also, lately I am trying to squeeze…

  • fitness

    New Mommy Basic Core Exercises

    Even after I got cleared by my doctor to exercise again after having a baby, I felt that my core and pelvic areas were too loose, my groin area and lower…

  • my 3 fav nutrition

    Workout & racing snacks

    When I raced my first ironman back in 2008, experienced ironman athletes advised me to use gels because they were an easy and quick way to replenish calories. One gel before…

  • fitness run

    Morning Run at the Hilton Hawaiian

    This summer three times per week Tim and I sneak out of bed at 5am to coach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Thank goodness for grandma that stays at home watching…

  • chat with fitness

    Ocean Runner: Sharon Keith

    Perfecting the mechanics of the run sounds easier to do that it is. Ocean Running was a blessing. I could initially work on form without worrying if I was doing it…