As a graphic designer, Mariane Uehara is passionate about working with organizations that promote the values of a free lifestyle. Mariane’s simple and captivating designs have attracted a wide range of clients, including magazines, race directors, non-profit organizations, and health & lifestyle businesses. Customer service is a top priority for Mariane, and she listens mindfully to each of her clients in order to capture the heart of their mission and organization. Inspired by her graduate studies in Sustainable Development, Mariane aims to create unique and engaging designs that stand the test of time.

A graphic designer, athlete, and wellness resource, Mariane specializes in integrated package projects that allow her to serve her clients in multiple ways. When a health juice company sponsored a series of local running clubs, Mariane created their marketing portfolio, organized the groups, and acted as head running coach of the project. In another campaign, she designed the branding materials for a health supplement company, coordinated professional athletes to serve as product ambassadors, and facilitated a series of free community wellness clinics hosted by both the company and athletes. Whether she is wearing one or many hats during a project, Mariane brings joy, excellence, and a sense of ease to all of her creative partnerships.