Ocean Run


class in partnership with Boca Hawaii


Improve fitness and strength through Ocean Running (“aqua jogging”), a fun alternative to conventional training. Elite runners have used this exercise for years, as a cross-training workout or during injury recovery periods. View the benefits on training in water or ocean run video.

For who

All levels and abilities are welcome.


Kaimana Beach – Next to Waikiki Aquarium


*Every Wednesday at 6:45am to 7:45am (*no class on jellyfish days)

What to bring

swimming gear & goggles

How much

$15 per class or $65 {5-classes bundle}

Questions? Ask away.


Ocean running at Kaimana Beach with Mariane and Raul is my blissful escape from the monotony of triathlon training. It’s a beautiful fusion of challenging, relaxing and rewarding. Mariane and Raul always greet me with warm smiles and a peaceful and positive approach to life. Ocean running is a full-body workout that works on running form, leg turn-over, arm swing, and core strength. As a triathlete, I feel that ocean running not only helps me with my running, but also my cycling leg strength and turn-over and my upper body strength in the swim. The water creates resistance to enhance my workout while absorbing all of my stress and negative energy at the same time. It’s the only workout I emerge from feeling refreshed and revitalized.
What a way to start the morning!
Rose P.


Starting the day with Mariane and Raul is the best! Their positivity and enthusiasm are infectious and they keep the energy high. The mix of technique, strength, and interval intensity is a perfect low-impact workout.
Iʻve never been a runner. Iʻve always hated running; I swam in high school, surfed, and recently started cycling. Anything to stay in shape and avoid running! One day, I ran into the ocean running group while I was swimming and thought, what the heck? These crazy people look like theyʻre having fun. Raul and Mariane laughed at my flailing ocean running, but they gave me lots of good pointers about how to improve.
A couple of days later, I went for a cross-train run. I felt stronger and faster– my body was aligning efficiently because of the techniques I had practiced in class. It was kind of fun. I was totally hooked.
My running technique has continued to improve by leaps and bounds (literally), and I feel stronger and more efficient every class. Mahalo Mariane and Raul!
Stacey Torigoe


If you have never considered ocean running, you should! We are in deep water, and if you are uncomfortable there, you can use a flotation belt. The movements in the water mimic the movements you make when running on land.You will get your heart rate up, while working your entire body…we do lots of core exercises as well. You have the resistance of the water, and that helps build strength. And most importantly, it is FUN!
Chris L.


I love this ocean run! Since I sustained a leg injury, I took time off from my triathlon training. The high energy, low impact workout has been perfect for maintaining my fitness.
Also, I really enjoy the feeling of the ocean in the morning and the instructors are awesome! It has so many positives and is incredibly fun.


I look forward to ocean running every Wed morning. I am not a morning person, but being there and watching the sun come up, the great workouts and the people is one of my favorite things. What a way to start the day!
Tootsie K.