Health Coaching

As a health coach, Mariane Uehara is wholeheartedly committed to honoring your unique goals and wellness journey. Her extensive training with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute has provided her with a coaching foundation that is grounded in both research and 40 years of clinical practice. Mariane’s coaching style has been described as professional, positive, open, engaging, and sincere. She deeply believes that anyone can create a positive and sustainable wellness transformation through taking small steps over time.





This is For

pregnant women, new mothers & women who desire to be pregnant


three 2-hour sessions over three weeks

  • healthy lifestyle choices
  • safe and effective exercise
  • nutritional needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • eating for two and healthy weight gain
  • bonding with baby and spouse

all 3 sessions, materials and handouts, three books by Dr. Sears, “Prepare RIGHT Now”, “Eat RIGHT Now”, “Live RIGHT Now”, & healthy snacks.




This is For

families with children between 3 to 12 years old


six 1-hour sessions over six weeks

  • lifelong, achievable healthy habits for the entire family
  • improving your children’s mood, learning, and behavior
  • through nutrition and movement
  • creating a future free of obesity, ADHD, and allergies
  • family-fun physical activity
  • shopping for quality and affordable foods

all 6 sessions, materials and handouts, “Dr. Sears’ LEAN Kids” book, & healthy snacks.




This is For

adults 40+


four 90-minute sessions over four weeks

  • helping the body make its own medicine
  • why we age and how to age gracefully
  • preventing illness and disease
  • repairing existing damage
  • top anti-inflammatory foods
  • movements that help heal the body

all 4 sessions, materials and handouts, “The Prime Time Health” book by Dr. Sears, & healthy snacks.



Balanced Fitness Coaching

highly personalized and compassionate coaching service that integrates fitness and nutrition with emotional support and a fresh perspective. Aiming to guide your health and fitness and expand your perspective on life through introspective analysis.

Pantry Makeover

fun and interactive way to learn how to read nutrition labels. Focusing on which type of ingredients and foods are most nutritious for you and your family, and what foods you may want to phase out from your pantry.

Healthy Grocery Trips

easy and simple shopping guidance towards a more mindful way of choosing which type of foods do you purchase. In this shopping trips we will navigate the aisles to identify healthy brand choices and misleading marketing labels.


Looking to work on a specific health and wellness goal? Let’s talk more.




Mariane is a living, breathing advocate for health and wellness. I had the pleasure of learning from her as a wellness coach when I was pregnant with my first baby. We had incredible conversations about nutrition, exercise, sleep, labor and birth, and other topics connected to pregnancy and becoming a mother. I felt connected to her energy and it rejuvenated me during a time when I felt a bit anxious and unsure about the new chapter of motherhood. She introduced Dr. Sears to me and I fell in love with his philosophy on parenting! I really treasured the books and material she used during the wellness sessions, all written by Dr. Sears. Mariane is a beautiful woman, mother, and excellent source of inspiration for all periods of life transformation Erin B. – Nurse & Mother


Mariane has really helped me overcome some of my obstacles to training. By helping me to build a training and nutrition schedule that fit my lifestyle and my goals, she has also helped in transforming my attitude toward training and life which got me out of my rut and back on the right track. Thank you Mariane! Rose P. – Teacher & Triathlete


As my health coach, Mariane has motivated me to improve my quality of life! Thanks to her guidance, I’ve completely changed the way I think about my health, and have become more aware of the importance of taking better care of myself. I now feel much more motivated and happier. Furthermore, being in touch with this incredible person made me feel more positive and energized. It’s magic to realize how fast we can start believing and changing things around us. Thanks, my dear Mariane, for your great help in this important moment in my life! Mity K. – MD & Mother