Kahuku Main Trail February 13, 2018 - Does running 5 miles in a mixture of trail and beach on the North Shore of Oahu sound like a fun challenge to you? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing on the third class I’ll be leading at the Oahu Wanderlust Festival.
Kawela Bay Trail February 12, 2018 - The second running “class” at the Oahu Wanderlust Festival is designed for runners that want to increase their speed by improving their efficiency. We will do a variety of running drills (by now you probably noticed that I am a huge fan of running drills) to enforce good and beautiful running form. Then we will run 3 miles along the water next to banyan trees to the stunning Kawela Bay Beach. 
Stables Beach Trail February 11, 2018 - From March 1 through March 4, I’ll be leading running “classes” or in other words, having a blast at the Oahu Wanderlust Festival at Turtle Bay. There will be three levels of fun on three different trails so everyone is welcome! The beginner class is “Learn To Run Properly”. I created this class to encourage those that have never run but would love to start. We will work on basic running techniques and proper biomechanics. Then we will go for an easy 2-mile jog along the beautiful and flat Stables Beach Trail. WHERE Turtle Bay – North Shore, Hawaii DISTANCE, ELEVATION & ROUTE ABOUT THE ROUTE Mainly flat with dirt and sand surfaces Partially shaded Closest water fountain and bathroom is located at Turtle Bay Resort a few miles from the trail Free parking next to the Stables Trail or at Turtle Bay There is still time to sign up for the Oahu Wanderlust Festival! There will be a bit of everything for everyone— yoga, nature, yummy food, music, etc. Click here for more info about Oahu Wanderlust Festival. ps: the second class I will post tomorrow:) mariane photo by: Kevin Enriques
Meet George and Miyuki & their sweet story February 5, 2018 - Four years ago we were brainstorming ideas of what we wanted the run club to be, the main goal that we all had in mind was to create a social gathering environment where friendships would arise and last. So when we listen to George and Miyuki’s story, our hearts are filled with joy. With Valentines day around the corner I wanted to introduce George & Miyuki and their sweet story…
Tips How To Juggle Work, Working Out & Being a Mom January 14, 2018 - I'm still figuring out how to balance being a mom living in the present, being efficient with my work, and enjoying a daily workout. I often feel guilty if I want to go for a sunrise run instead of waking up with Sky and eating breakfast with her.
Legend Marathon Runner: Jonathan Lyau December 6, 2017 - "Jon, how many times have you broken the magical 3 hour mark?" He calmly replied: 35 times.
New Mommy Return to Physical Activity Exercises December 1, 2017 - If you’ve never tried running drills, these are the perfect way to start. You can do them once a week, before or after your run!
How I protect my baby’s white skin November 3, 2017 - I might have played in the sun a little too much. I wished I listened to my mother when she scolded me about not wearing sunscreen, big hats and sunglasses. Now that I am a mother of a white white baby, I am now the one worried 24/7 about protecting my daughter's skin
New mommy basic-ish core exercises October 4, 2017 - Honestly I was skeptical if those simple exercises were really going to make a difference on helping me to gain my strength back, since I was so used to high level and long hour workouts. Voila! These simple exercises worked!
Quick pre-workout breakfast  September 17, 2017 - simple, quick and nutritious breakfasts have been lifesavers for me this summer, especially since I have been coaching super early, leaving the house at 5am! Also, lately I am trying to squeeze in workouts to get ready for the Honolulu Marathon in December.
New Mommy Basic Core Exercises September 10, 2017 - Even after I got cleared by my doctor to exercise again after having a baby, I felt that my core and pelvic areas were too loose, my groin area and lower back too tight, and actually the small tissues, joints, muscles around my whole core area needed some type of strength and stretch work before I started to run again. However, I had no idea which type of postnatal exercises I could safely do. So I looked for professional help from a physical therapist to guide me.
Workout & racing snacks August 16, 2017 - When I raced my first ironman back in 2008, experienced ironman athletes advised me to use gels because they were an easy and quick way to replenish calories. One gel before the swim, then one gel every thirty minutes on the bike, then the same during the run. It took me almost 11 hours to cross the finish line...So I needed new ideas to fuel my body during long training days and races.
Morning Run at the Hilton Hawaiian August 7, 2017 - This summer three times per week Tim and I sneak out of bed at 5am to coach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Thank goodness for grandma that stays at home watching baby.
Ocean Runner: Sharon Keith June 20, 2017 - Perfecting the mechanics of the run sounds easier to do that it is. Ocean Running was a blessing. I could initially work on form without worrying if I was doing it right or not. I can't see what I'm doing while running, but the coaches can. They keep a watchful eye on everyone's form.
Jimmy Davis June 12, 2017 - Many of my work-related design challenges are solved mid-run with an inspirational thought. But what I really love is to run hard and fast, when my only thoughts are on the current moment, and my focus is absolute.
Running again after having a baby May 19, 2017 - It took almost a year before I felt the desire to train and race again. But now the craving for exercise is back! I wake up with an appetite for a morning run, and even signed up for the 2017 Honolulu Marathon in December. Ouch!
Benefits of Babywearing May 10, 2017 - I thought, “Oh my! Carry my baby on me all the time? This sounds like a bit much.” But my perception of the term and its importance changed when I gave birth to Sky.
A sweet (and messy) ten-year anniversary April 28, 2017 - This week, Tim and I will be celebrating a decade of marriage. Time flies. At the same time, it feels a bit like I have lived with him my whole life. We met less than four months prior to getting married (that’s a story in itself).
Go the Extra Mile: 27point2 April 21, 2017 - I’ve always had a hard time trying to balance my interests in running and the environment. All the way through college I kept looking for ways to bring the two closer together, but they always seemed to follow separate tracks.
Kapolei Run Club April 17, 2017 - If you reside on the beautiful West Side of Oahu and want to go for a pleasant walk, an easy jog, or a fun run with some friendly people, come join us. We meet every Monday at 5:45pm at the Lanikai Juice in Kapolei. After the workout, you can enjoy some delicious Lanikai Juice samples and stand a chance to win some cool prizes.