Ocean Runner: Sharon Keith June 20, 2017 - Perfecting the mechanics of the run sounds easier to do that it is. Ocean Running was a blessing. I could initially work on form without worrying if I was doing it right or not. I can't see what I'm doing while running, but the coaches can. They keep a watchful eye on everyone's form.
Jimmy Davis June 12, 2017 - Many of my work-related design challenges are solved mid-run with an inspirational thought. But what I really love is to run hard and fast, when my only thoughts are on the current moment, and my focus is absolute.
Running again after having a baby May 19, 2017 - It took almost a year before I felt the desire to train and race again. But now the craving for exercise is back! I wake up with an appetite for a morning run, and even signed up for the 2017 Honolulu Marathon in December. Ouch!
Benefits of Babywearing May 10, 2017 - I thought, “Oh my! Carry my baby on me all the time? This sounds like a bit much.” But my perception of the term and its importance changed when I gave birth to Sky.
A sweet (and messy) ten-year anniversary April 28, 2017 - This week, Tim and I will be celebrating a decade of marriage. Time flies. At the same time, it feels a bit like I have lived with him my whole life. We met less than four months prior to getting married (that’s a story in itself).
Go the Extra Mile: 27point2 April 21, 2017 - I’ve always had a hard time trying to balance my interests in running and the environment. All the way through college I kept looking for ways to bring the two closer together, but they always seemed to follow separate tracks.
Kapolei Run Club April 17, 2017 - If you reside on the beautiful West Side of Oahu and want to go for a pleasant walk, an easy jog, or a fun run with some friendly people, come join us. We meet every Monday at 5:45pm at the Lanikai Juice in Kapolei. After the workout, you can enjoy some delicious Lanikai Juice samples and stand a chance to win some cool prizes.
Pete Boksanski April 17, 2017 - I can run my entire life, and also unlike many other sports I can compete in the same events as the world's best. My favorite part about coaching other people is to use my running experience and knowledge to help other runners reach their goals.
Come run with us April 9, 2017 - Developing the Lanikai Juice Run Club has fulfilled our dream of connecting with the community through our shared passion to live a mindful, fun and active lifestyle. It is easy for anyone to join the club.
Hydration drinks March 17, 2017 - I’ve signed up for the 2017 Honolulu Marathon! I am officially going to start running again (or at least I hope to). Hawaii is blessed with year-round, gloriously warm weather, so any exercise calls for proper hydration.
Hugs from Sky March 3, 2017 - Instead of a big party to honor her first year of life, we want to dedicate Sky’s birthday to children that need support. A few blocks from our house, a non-profit called HUGS (Help, Understanding & Group Support) does wonderful work.
A place to enlighten our kūpunas February 18, 2017 - We came up with a “Wellness & Walk Club”. The class will start with a gentle stretch and warm up exercises, then we will go for a nice relaxing walk around Kakaako Park, and lastly we will finish the class chatting about healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.
Gratefulness January 19, 2017 - On New Year’s Eve, I asked Tim: “What do you want in 2017?” He smiled, thought for a second, and replied with his lighthearted charisma:
Why Okinawans live a long & healthy life November 24, 2016 - We were raised to be kind with each other, to listen with compassion, and to talk with respect, especially with the elders; to be loving and generous with everything and everyone; to make delicious food to be shared in a party that can last all day; to laugh about the most silly little things;
ways to exercise after having a baby November 13, 2016 - The benefits of swimming are countless: it is a complete aerobic workout, tones muscle, and is friendly on the joints. The first day I jumped in the pool after four months with zero exercise, I swam 250m in slow motion, and I felt incredibly good!
Afraid to run 1 mile September 18, 2016 - I stopped running a year ago, when I was four months pregnant, so it was a big deal for me to run again, and I was afraid how my body would respond.
Exercising with my baby Sky September 4, 2016 - {article published on Hawaii Sport Magazine – Sep/Oct issue} When you have a newborn at home, you also have various excuses to not exercise. My own list include: recovering from postpartum; being tired from the sleepless nights; adjusting to a new-mommy body (aka: larger breast and hips); worrying if it is ok to take baby outside and what is safe to do with her; juggling time between taking care of baby, house, and work; and after all choosing to spend most of my time kissing, hugging and laying down with her instead of anything else. Bottom line, being a new mom feels like you are constantly “exercising” so there is not too much energy left to actually exercise. But on the other hand, if I force myself to move my body in a conscious way, even if it is just for a few minutes per day I feel better. And if I include Sky in my exercise routine, there is a higher chance to get the job done. So here are my three favorite ways to exercise with Sky:
Our mini home retreat July 24, 2016 - We brought Sky home at the same time that the World Surf League event in Australia started. I am not a huge fan of TV, however with my delicate postpartum recovery situation (the doctor recommended me to rest for 12 weeks), sitting down on the couch holding my baby and watching the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast became our daily routine. However, after hours watching (and enjoying a lot!) those boys and girls flying in beautiful waves, I realized that I needed to be more present and create a more meaningful routine for my baby and I, so I searched for a few ideas.
Things I have learned so far about motherhood… July 12, 2016 - "When you are by yourself with your baby, it is also a kind of retreat between you two, right?” What a mindful way to think about motherhood.
The little things… June 12, 2016 - Sky turned 3 months this past week, and things are getting easier everyday but the first months…oh boy! Every little help was a huge help. I remembered one morning, when Sky was just a few weeks old, I woke up and no one was at home. Tim left early with a full day ahead of him and my mom was also busy with chores of her own to take of. For the first time it was just me and Sky in the house. Sky’s diaper was dirty, and she was also hungry. I really needed to pee and I was also thirsty and hungry. So I thought “one thing at time, Mariane”.