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Afraid to run 1 mile

“Mariane, would you like to lead a morning run for tourists during summertime?”. It sounded like the perfect coaching opportunity since I love sunrise runs. However, there was one small detail…I got the offer the day after I gave birth. My baby was born in March and the runs were going to start in July. I had 4 months to get back into running, which seemed reasonable to be at least jogging.

Fast forward to the beginning of July, I didn’t run at all, for various reason but the main one was that I didn’t feel my body was ready. So with one week to start the run I needed a training plan to be able to at least jog 4 miles easy. My week training plan was to run 1 mile one day, 2 miles the next day, then 3 miles and finally a full 4 miles.

I stopped running a year ago, when I was four months pregnant, so it was a big deal for me to run again, and I was afraid how my body would respond. I started the run very, very slowly, and right away I felt my muscles growing really tight, my core jiggling, and the weight of my breast feeding boobs a little uncomfortable, but I kept “running”. I ran four laps around the block, each lap a victory for me. I finished the last lap thinking: “Oh my! How am I going to run 2 miles tomorrow?”


The next day I tried to run the 2 miles but I stopped after a few minutes because my hips and groin were too tight, and I was afraid they were going to “pop”. So I just walked for one mile. The day after I decided to run on a treadmill for a softer surface. I was able to jog, but it was the longest two miles ever! It took me 25 minutes, but it felt like I was running fast. The next day after my “hard” treadmill workout, I Ocean Run instead of running 3 miles on the road. In the water my body feels much stronger and comfortable. My training plan wasn’t very successful but that’s all I could manage to do at that moment.

The morning of the first run with the tourists I wasn’t sure if I was ready to jog the 4 miles, so I had a backup plan–an assistant coach that could run faster in case we had a group of fast runners! Thank goodness the group wanted to run an easy pace and stop to take lots of photos. It was a successful inaugural run for them–and for me, since my body felt ok.


After these last 3 months jogging, I am not as afraid to run as I was before, but I also know that I am not ready to run any faster or any longer. I have been researching how runners recover from postpartum and get back to running, and I found a blog about pelvic rehab, so I talked with my doctor, and this week I started physical therapy sessions to strengthen, stretch, activate and stabilize all muscles, joints and tendons that were affected by my pregnancy. So hopefully with this rehab I will be ready to keep running healthy for a very long time!

P.S.: On my next post , I am hoping to share the rehab exercises:)


some dreams are worth sharing…


running shoes: On Cloudsurfer

outfit: Lululemon

photos by: Mércia Starominski

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    September 26, 2016 at 3:54 am

    My wife and I spent the last two weeks in Waikiki. We stopped by the Lanikai Juice where the run club supposedly meets but it was closed down so we planned a trip to Hanauma Bay for that Wednesday instead (incredible snorkeling experience!). I’d be pretty bummed if you told me this meet up was within the last two weeks. We followed this blog ever since we started planning our trip to O’ahu and would have loved to say “Hi!” to you in person. We ran the Diamond Head loop you posted about a couple of times in preparation for a race that I had coming up two days after we flew back to Germany (still nailed it despite the 12 hour jet lag, ha!). Running up the steep roads pays off big time when you see the view towards the ocean in the early morning hours. We also discovered the South Shore Grill during our runs there and stopped for some great Tacos on our way back.
    It’s incredible how active everyone is. Obviously a lot of people are surfing every free minute they have but so many people are running all day long. It’s so easy to get motivated.

    • Reply
      mariane uehara
      September 26, 2016 at 1:18 pm

      Aloha Kevin,
      I am so sorry I missed you! The Waikiki Lanikai Juice Run Club closed in the beginning of September. We still have the other 3 run clubs (kaka’ako, kailua and kahala) up and running. I am glad that you had a wonderful trip and tried some delicious taco at the South Shore Grill, we liked that spot too. And you are so right…the nature and the active lifestyle in Hawaii really inspire to be healthy in a fun and easier way:) Hopefully we can meet one day sooner than later. Cheers, Mariane.

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    March 1, 2017 at 12:20 am

    Every pregnancy is different, as well as the postpartum recovery time. Some bloggers I follow claim that they had no problems running during their entire pregnancies. I personally would just resort to walking and jogging because of morning sickness, swelling and an overall quite problematic pregnancy. It took me months to regain my fitness and get back to running, but it finally happened. I hope you managed to get back in running form soon too! Good luck!

    • Reply
      mariane uehara
      March 1, 2017 at 3:47 pm

      Hi Renee,
      you are right! Every pregnancy is so unique, I have friends that are able to run until their last trimester, and others that started to run just a few weeks after giving birth. I think the most important aspect is to listen to your body and limits during these special phase in our lives. Thank you for sharing your experience. Warm Aloha! Mariane

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    April 3, 2017 at 12:59 am

    You re looking great! I tried to stay fit during my pregnancy by swimming daily, but still it took me months to overcome the physical and possibly mental strain of childbirth and the crazy new busy schedule around the baby and to get back on the track. Now, I run with several running buddies in a local running mommy group, and I am feeling fitter and better every day! Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply
      mariane uehara
      April 9, 2017 at 12:45 pm

      swimming was also one of my favorite ways of moving while pregnant. it is great to have friends to run with:)
      warm aloha!

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