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November 2015

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My new fav exercise

This month for Hawaii Sport Magazine I wrote an article about my three favorite exercises to do while I am pregnant. The three were (no surprise) swim, bike and run, but of course with a totally different mind set and also intensity. However, two weeks after I sent the article to the magazine, I decide to stop running. Because one afternoon while I was jogging with the Lanikai Juice Run Club, I felt my tummy, and it was heavier than usual.…

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Our most beloved adventure

As Tim shared in my previous post we are about to start a new chapter in our lives. This new chapter is…A BABY! We are 5 months pregnant. Yes we! Because sometimes I feel that Tim is more pregnant that I am, no joke. He loves to sleep in whenever possible, he is buying more organic food at the stores and he is eating better, and he has even slowed down his training load. Luckily though, there has been no morning sickness! I am fortunate…

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