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July 2015


Lanikai Juice Our Kaka’ako Run Club

I didn’t know that I liked to coach until I was invited to be the assistant coach for the HPU cross country team in 2010. Coaching the young runners was such a neat experience because I had the chance to be the one that was watching, helping, guiding, and supporting while they were trying to achieve their goals. …

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Fernanda Keller

For many people Fernanda Keller is the legendary Brazilian triathlete who raced Ironman Hawaii 24 times, finished in the top three six times, won Ironman Brazil 5 times, and competed in hundreds more ironmans and triathlons around the world. For others Fernanda Keller is the athlete we see on the media. She is always swimming, cycling and running with colorful feminine clothes, wearing earrings, rings and other accessories, which is rare to see when you watch women competing in triathlon.…

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Brisbane CityCycle

(this article was written in collaboration with my dear friend Lori McCarney, the CEO of Bikeshare Hawaii) You’ve probably already heard that bikeshare is coming to Hawaii! I couldn’t be more excited about this initiative, especially after seeing and enjoying Brisbane, Australia’s bikeshare system called CityCyle. CityCycle stations and their yellow cruiser bikes are spread throughout the whole city of Brisbane. One morning I stopped at one of their stations to read the instructions for renting a bike. I was excited…

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The Wonderful 5S Diet

I don’t like the idea of “diet”, because it sounds to me very restrictive and limited. However, a few years ago during a lovely dinner organized by Nutrex Hawaii, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Sears, one of America’s most renowned pediatricians who is well known for his passion of spreading health and wellness throughout America’s family. During the dinner he told me that “diet” is a term that simply means a way of eating, so we are all…

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