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March 2015


Lanikai Loop

The Lanikai neighborhood is a little gem that is located in Kailua. The Lanikai Loop is a 3 mile route with “beachy” atmosphere that can be found nowhere else on Oahu.…

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Hill Hell Day

Once a year, the gang from Boca Hawaii rides a few of the steepest hills on the East side of Oahu. A few weeks ago I joined the group of almost 40 people, and we rode 50 miles and climbed nearly 6,000ft.…

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Açaí bowl: Keep us young!

I love açaí! I could eat an açaí bowl everyday! It is my favorite pre and post workout food. It is also one of my favorite snacks to eat while I hang out with my friends. My love for açaí is an old one. I have been enjoying açaí since I was a little kid back in Brasil.…

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Raul Boca

Raul made an impression on me from the very first time I met him (for the record he doesn’t remember – oh well!). It was back in 1997, when my godmother, invited me to live the life of my dreams for six months. I surfed, I played, I learned English, and I fell in love with Hawaii. One night when we were leaving a restaurant, she saw her old friends, Raul and Hina, standing outside. They told her that they…

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Kaimana Beach

I like to call Kaimana Beach, “My Kaimana Beach” because it is the closest beach to my house, and I am there at least three times per week to swim and to watch sunsets with Tim, to teach ocean running classes with Raul, or to just hang out with my friends. Oh! Kaimana is also the original start line for Ironman Hawaii back in 1978, so “My Kaimana Beach” had to be the first place on my “swim” category to…

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